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Venezuela 🇻🇪 has the 3rd highest level of adoption in the world, as people increasingly use it to mitigate economic instability.

For instance, Bolivars, the local currency, are worth almost no more than the paper they're printed on, and used to create wallets and bags:

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The only place that can hold these 2 Torettos is the big screen. Fast is back June 25th at AMC Theatres. Get Tickets to now: amc.film/3vw2km7

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Éviter de se garer n’importe où.
Éviter de se garer n’importe où.
Éviter de se garer n’importe où...

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Tomorrow we are going to be doing a space call with special Guest @MALLG@twitter.com We’ll be talking about the movement, music, and more with positive motivation from @xxxthemarinexxx@twitter.com I’ll announce the exact time tomorrow morning so come grab the mic- Stay tuned! $AMC

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Alright Nerva, you gotta wake up, go to work have a good day! come on!

Also me on the side of my bed at 6 in the morning:

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Smartly issuing equity (as AMC said in January, May and June that we did) can fundamentally strengthen a company and mightily benefit shareholders. Due to AMC raising $1.25 billion in the past 45 days, S&P upgraded AMC’s credit rating on Thursday. Another important step forward.

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@elonmusk@twitter.com @AlternateJones@twitter.com True.

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If the truly defends freedom, why won't they allow others to tell the truth when they are making up lies? Why has Mr. been thrown in prison after being forced to shelter in the Embassy in London for 7 years?

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@CommodoreBlog@twitter.com They are not asleep. They are stoned.

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The temperature isn’t the only hot thing today. 💋

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Bill Gates qui se rend compte de la supercherie, le ScalProno menacé

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@MALLG@twitter.com Right here!🚀🦍💎🤲🌙

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